Laura Bogner - Owner & Instructor

Laura Bogner - Owner & Instructor

Yoga has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I grew up watching my mid-western mother of five doing her yoga practice in our suburban living room.  At the time I thought she was really weird! It wasn’t until years later when my older sister came home from college in San Francisco raving about the yoga class she was taking that I decided maybe yoga wasn’t so weird after all! I took my first yoga class on a high school spring break visit to San Francisco and I have been a yoga enthusiast ever since.  Over the years I have practiced many different styles of yoga ranging from the physically intense styles of hot yoga or Bikram, the quick moving Asthanga, the extremely gentle styles such as Vini and Restorative Yoga and everything in between.  I think all yoga is good as long as it is practiced under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor.  I received my teaching certification from the acclaimed Center For Yoga (now Yoga Works) in 1997. This program was unique in that it taught an eclectic mixture of many different styles of yoga and how to adapt them to group classes.  Since receiving my certification I have taught yoga all over Los Angeles and opened Glendale Yoga in 2001. I received my Pilates Mat certification from The PhysicalMind Institute in 2003.  I love to implement pilates into my classes to build solid core strength. Glendale Yoga represents a diverse community of students of all levels.


 Mary Bentdahl - Instructor  Amrit Kalyan Kaur (Mary’s spiritual name) means, “princess who generously cares for all through the sweet nectar of god’s grace.”  Mary found yoga early in life as an exercise style of both fitness and flexibility. Later she discovered Kundalini, the yoga of awareness.  The practice of Kundalini came into her life during a time of need and surrounded her with love, support, healing, awareness, and health.  It soon became a lifestyle, and has now led her to become a Kundalini instructor so that she may share these gifts with others, with the world, with you.  Kundalini Yoga fulfills the soul.  Mary creates a welcoming and warm safe space to help those around her experience the light this practice brings in. Through her own experiences and extensive training with Kundalini Yoga and meditation, she shares her passion and love with her classes.Along with Kundalini Yoga, she loves nature and the water, whether swimming, scuba diving, hiking, traveling to new places, experiencing the outdoors, eating new food, and making new friends. In her free time she loves spending time with her two rescue dogs, Boog and Hope.


Sabrina Bisset - Instructor  Sabrina is a writer and yoga teacher, who received her teaching certification in 2016 from Glendale Yoga, led by teachers Laura Bogner and Nancy Wadsworth.  Sabrina is inspired by the healing capacity of yoga and the values of kindness and growth that are at the heart of yoga philosophy. With a large emphasis on breath, and the connection between mind and body, her classes offer a balance of being challenging and gentle at the same time.  She loves how her teachers Nancy and Laura instill lots of fun and laughter into their classes, while keeping a foundational focus on form and postural integrity, and looks forward to carrying on teaching in this tradition.  Included in this, is the understanding that the practice of yoga exists to serve its students, and is always adaptive and accommodating to each person’s unique needs and abilities.  A Los Angeles native, who grew up in Glendale and now lives Downtown, Sabrina is excited and honored to be part of Glendale Yoga’s warm and inclusive community.


Sally Browder - Instructor  Sally was first drawn to the philosophy of yoga.  She has been practicing for over 15 years now. She feels that the union of body and mind is a joy and yoga has helped her with hip, shoulder, and back injuries resulting from years of running, ice skating, and sitting – at computers and in cars and airplanes.  Movement is life!  She believes in the healing power of yoga and that yoga can be adapted to accommodate any ailment or injury.  She teaches a gentle yet deep class with attention to developing awareness and new habits that will help prevent further injury.  Sally received her 200RYT certification in 2016 from Glendale Yoga and is also a certified TRE facilitator practicing in California and Rhode Island.  She has a BA in music and has been a recording engineer for over 25 years.  Sally loves music, travel, hiking, cooking, and gardening and has a teenage daughter who also enjoys yoga.

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Carl Dawson - Instructor ERYT-500  Carl has studied Yoga for 36 years and has held class for 31 years. Carl began his teaching journey in 1983 with a Teacher training with Ganga White and the White Lotus staff and repeated the training with Ganga the following year. He started holding class at “The Center for Yoga” in late 1984 and is still teaching and learning!  Carl studied and held class at The Iyengar institute from 1987-1991 and has held workshops and teacher trainings in California and Oregon.  Carl’s Senior instructors include: Scott Hobbs, Mary Dunn, Dona Holleman, John Schumacher, Ramanand Patel, John Friend, Aadil Palkhivala, Ganga White. His teaching style is described in the introduction to “Light On Yoga,” B.K.S. Iyengar says: “Perform your asana with the heart of a child.”


Jennifer Day - Instructor Jennifer began her career in Minnesota, where she worked at Plymouth Grove Chiropractic for over eight years specialising in medical massage therapy, health kinesiology, life coaching and yoga.  A large portion of the people she saw were suffering from injuries, and struggling with weight issues.  She helped create nutritional and fitness programs designed for the specific alignments of her clients. It was through this process that she gained a deep understanding of physiology and the individual nutritional and emotional needs that each person required. In the most recent years, Jennifer has been leading, and curating wellness and yoga retreats internationally that included life coaching, nutritional coaching, yoga and fitness training.  She is now based in Los Angles and provides an innovative combination of healing modalities for a transformational experience of the body, mind and soul. She has helped hundreds of clients become more purposeful, healthier and inspired.  Jennifer’s Core Yoga class is a blend of slow flow yoga and her favorite fitness moves for core conditioning. Her class is suitable for students of all levels!

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Armenoui Dotbachian - Instructor  Armenoui believes in “Mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healty body.) She was born in Yerevan, Armenia and grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  She discovered Yoga and began practicing in 1991 becoming an instructor in 1995.  Thought the years she taught yoga and her love for the discipline and practice increased. In 2001 she became a Yoga Professor of Hatha Yoga and Master of Yoga Therapy both diplomas given by the FADY (Argentinian Federation of Yoga.) Armenoui’s classes are for all levels and are composed by the practice of Hatha Yoga. Each class is different and it revolves around a specific family of asanas (bodily postures), incorporating proper breathing and finishing the class with relaxation.  Her classes are taught entirely in Armenian.  To register for this class please call Armenoui at (818) 370-7318.


Jenne Eden - Instructor Jenne began practicing yoga with her parents when she was four! They practiced together as  a family at home in Hollywood  and at the neighborhood YMCA.  As Jenne got older she began studying gymnastics and ballet seriously.  She loved her new disciplines but found that yoga offered a contentment that dance and sport did not. From her springboard of yoga at an early age, Jenne dove deeper into her yoga studies as an adult. Her consistent practice and study allowed her to experience a level of wellness, mental clarity, strength, balance, and a deeper connection to happiness that had intrigued her as a child but that she now understood as the integration between the body and mind as an adult.  Jenne received her 200 hour certification in 2013. She now loves being both a teacher as well as a student of yoga!  She is passionate in teaching her students yoga both as a therapeutic healing modality as well as a way to inspire and support positive and personal change.  Her favorite words to live by are from the Dali Lama ‘Don’t take anything seriously except caring for others!’


SueDarling Elivique - Instructor  Sue took her first yoga class in 1990 and since has never looked back. Inspired to find health and well being after a devastating motorbike accident, Sue quickly recognised the profundity of the yogic path.  In 1993 Sue found inspiration and direction for her yogic potential when she met world renowned yoga master BKS Iyengar for the first time. That same year she started a four year Teachers Training program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles.  Sue became a certified Iyengar yoga teacher in 1998 and has since studied with Yoga Master BKS Iyengar and continues to engage regularly in intensives and workshops with senior teachers. Sue has spent endless hours with adults, children, teens and those with special needs, practicing and teaching the arts and skills of yoga and meditation.  Sue brings passion for yoga, love of life and much joyful effort to her classes.  She is a practicing Buddhist, on the path of loving kindness and part of an world wide meditation study/teaching program.

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Elaine McCoy - Instructor  Since practicing yoga for almost two decades and having taught for nearly a decade Elaine has learned that practicing Mindful Yoga is wise.  Rather than flowing from posture to posture, Elaine prefers to break down a posture and prepare the body to receive it.  Throughout this process, awareness of the body is heightened and postures become more attainable. Mindful Yoga is achieved through the use of props and detailed cues.  Blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, chairs, and Yoga Tune Up® balls are among the props used to create more access to muscles and joints.  Elaine finds that younger students misuse their bodies, especially in this age of technology, and benefit from this work.  Older students who want to build strength, flexibility and balance appreciate the pace and the help that the props give.  In her classes, Elaine explains anatomy so that the mind can truly connect to what the body is doing.  And while doing the work, she likes to keep the mood light and fun so it’s an enjoyable experience! This style of yoga is good for everyone.  Elaine received her certification from Yoga At the Village in 2007 and enjoys teaching yoga to students of every level!  Join her for her Mindful Yoga class!


Antonia Price - Instructor  Antonia is a recent arrival to Los Angles from Seattle where she spent the last decade making art, teaching yoga and barre fitness classes and dancing.  Her training in Barre Fitness, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga, and dance compliment her background in the arts to make her classes meticulous, creative, and fun.  She gives her students the opportunity to develop body awareness through simple cues and range of motion exercises layered on top of a foundation of traditional shapes, movement, and poses.


Nancy Wadsworth - Instructor  Nancy has been teaching Yoga for 18 years. She discovered yoga while living in Los Angeles and completed her certification through Cyndi Lee of OM Yoga.  She has taught classes for all levels in yoga studios as well as private and corporate classes all over the Los Angeles area.  Although Nancy has studied many styles of yoga she finds her foundation of form and alignment from her many years of study with Iyengar Yoga.  Her classes are grounded in this attention to careful alignment while offering appropriate variations for all student levels. Her goal is for students to have a thorough practice so that they become stronger and more flexibility while practicing mindfully with some laughter thrown in for well-being!  In addition to teaching yoga Nancy is the proud founder and owner of a compassionate gourmet cookie business Delicious Yogini.