Alignment-Based Yoga: Rather than flowing from posture to posture, this class breaks down a posture and prepare the body to receive it.  Throughout this process, awareness of the body is heightened and postures become more attainable.  This non-flow class incorporates the use of props and detailed cues: blocks, ropes, blankets, bolsters, straps, chairs, and Yoga Tune Up® balls.This style of yoga is good for everyone.  Elaine finds that younger students find it helpful to swallow their ego’s to power through and focus more on form.  Older students who want to build strength, flexibility and balance appreciate the pace and the help that the props give.   

All Levels Yoga: Our All Levels Classes allow students to work at their own pace under the watchful eyes of our experienced instructors. Beginner students learn the foundation to proper form and alignment in beginner poses and sequences while more experienced students can take the postures and sequences into more advanced variations if they so choose. 

Flow Yoga: Flow classes are movement based and for students who want a more challenging class. Postures 'flow' from one to the next with the breath to create heat that helps to  increase flexibilty.

Gentle Yoga: These classes are more restorative in nature and move at a slower pace. Gentle classes are for students of all levels who are looking for gentle stretching, breath-work and stress relieving techniques.

Iyengar Yoga:  Iyengar yoga focuses particularly on three aspects: correct body alignment allows the body to develop harmoniously in an anatomically correct way so that the student suffers no injury or pain when practicing correctly. As all bodies are different and people have different weaknesses and strengths, Mr. Iyengar has also developed the use of props to help the body into the correct positions required. Props are objects like wooden blocks, chairs, blankets and belts that help one adjust or support oneself in the different postures so that one can work in a range of motion that is safe and effective.

Restorative Yoga:
Restorative Yoga is focused on attaining deep relaxation through supported poses. Restorative poses are held for long periods of time allowing the body to stretch passively and gently so that one can journey into the deepest state of relaxation through breath-work and culitvating sensory awareness. Restorative Yoga is a wonderful way to unwind and release stress and tension. This style of yoga is for deep relaxation, gentle stretching and aids in reducing stress and anxiety.

Yin Yoga: Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time—for beginners, it may range from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body—the tendons, fascia, and ligaments—with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. A more meditative approach to yoga, yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality. This style of yoga is great for deducing stress, chronic pain and tension.

Yogalates: A full body work-out class that combines yoga and pilates mat work designed to increase flexibility, balance and core-strenght. These classes are appropiate for students of all levels.

Yoga in Armenian: This class is taught entirely in Armenian! To register for this class please call Armenoui at (818) 370-7318.