All Levels:  Students are encouraged to work at their own pace and level. Beginner poses and sequences are offered while more experienced students learn intermediate poses under instructor guidance.

Core Yoga:  A beginner-friendly class of yoga and core strengthening fitness designed to improve muscle tone, strength and  balance!

Flow:  A movement based style of yoga where postures flow from one to the next.

Gentle Yoga:  A slow moving class with gentle stretching, TRE (tension release exercise) and relaxation techniques.

Happy Hour Yoga:  An All Levels class at a discounted ‘Happy Hour’ price of  $10.

Iyengar Yoga:  A beginner friendly style of yoga that focuses specifically on form and alignment for improved posture and health benefits.

Kundalini Yoga:  A beginner  friendly  class that focuses on creating a  shift  in consciousness through movement, sound and breath.

Mindful Yoga: A beginner friendly yoga class that moves slowly and works deeply on  creating  muscular awareness.

Yogalates:  A full body workout class for all levels that combines pilates and yoga. This  class is suitable for beginners.

Into To TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercise):  This  revolutionary  technique  is used around the world to reduce stress.  It consists of 7 exercises that trigger the release   of stored muscle and  emotional  tension. Call us at (818) 956-1621 to register for our Intro to TRE workshop in January.

Family Yoga:  A class for kids 5-14 and parents! $10 for the family. We welcome kids on the autism spectrum.

Yoga in ARMENIAN:  This class is not applicable to series cards or specials. Call Armenoui at (818) 370-7318 to  register.


What is Hatha yoga?  Hatha yoga is a system of physical postures or asanas, controlled conscious breathing exercises or pranayama, and the observation of drawing the senses inward or pratyahara. This unique system creates balance between the body and mind leaving one feeling healthy and refreshed.

Who can do  Hatha  yoga?  Anyone that has a desire to improve their health and well- being can do Hatha yoga. It makes no difference if you are old or young, stiff or flexible, fit or not.  As long as you have a desire to improve your life anyone can start a yoga practice.

How often should I do yoga in order to see/feel results?  A consistent practice of 2 to 3 times a week for beginners is recommended for optimum results.  More experienced students can practice daily if so desired.

What should I wear to class and do I need to bring anything?  Be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Yoga mats and props are provided for your use but brining your own mat is encouraged.

What are some  of  the  benefits of Hatha yoga?  A consistent yoga program can positively impact every system of the body. Some of the typical benefits of a regular Hatha yoga practice include improved strength,  flexibility, balance,  muscle tone, mental clarity and reduced stress and anxiety.